about Ruth

photo 2Ruth Evans has been painting for 30 years and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.  She exhibits every year in the wild Lancashire valley where she lives.  Her work hangs on many walls around the world.

“I am inspired by many things on this earth, but the one thing that I return to again and again is nature – the poetry of its physical form and the folklore and history within it.  From the huge forces that drive it, to the exquisite beauty in the smallest life that daily surrounds us.  Also the hidden, secret things that no one can see – maybe just a feeling of a thing or place or a flickering glimpse out of the corner of your eye…

The natural world we inhabit is always under attack but nature does fight back.  My paintings are a part of this struggle – hopefully portraying connections between us and the earth and its creatures.

Whatever grows will die, or is blown in the wind to become a flight path for the imagination where something emerges that ultimately carries spiritual and mental peace.

There is a power in the marks made by man.”